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Kerala MVD AI Cameras in Map

The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) AI Camera Map can be viewed on Google Maps. This map highlights the locations of AI-enabled cameras installed by the MVD in the state of Kerala. To view the map in full-screen mode, click the below link.

Link: AI Camera Map

Why AI Cameras in Kerala?

As traffic police nationwide struggle to maintain order and prevent traffic violations, a newly launched technology could offer a way forward. Kerala's Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) is employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture those who break traffic laws in the state. The department aims to prevent offenders from escaping by integrating a speed-detection camera with AI technology.

As per the Joint Transport Commissioner, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) was awarded the project tender by MVD. The AI-integrated camera technology was discovered to be 98 percent accurate.

The cameras will be used to closely monitor any violations of traffic rules, with significant fines to be imposed on offending drivers. The collected amount will be shared among various departments, including the police, excise, motor vehicle, and GST departments.

As part of its 'Safe Kerala Project', the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) has spent Rs 225 crore to purchase and install 726 AI cameras across the state. These cameras are capable of detecting traffic violations and enforcing road safety regulations.

The AI-enabled cameras will be equipped to perform three key functions: surveillance, evidence collection, and capture.

The process of AI surveillance includes recording vehicle movements using video-scanning technology. The visuals will be saved to a data bank located at Keltron's Manvila facility in Thiruvananthapuram. The footage will then be reviewed and forwarded to district-level control rooms. Following this, the visuals will be sent to a national database and an e-challan will be generated. Within six hours of the traffic violation, the registered vehicle owner will receive a notification on their mobile phone.

Various traffic violations will result in the following penalties:

  • Using a mobile phone while driving: Rs. 2,000
  • Overspeeding: Rs. 1,500
  • Not fastening seat belts or wearing helmets while driving/riding: Rs. 500
  • Lack of rear-view mirrors while driving/riding: Rs. 200
  • Carrying more than two people on a two-wheeler: Rs. 1,000
  • Parking violation: Rs. 250
  • Violation of traffic light - Pass directly to court

Note: The penalties may vary according to MVD rules. Last updated on 20-04-2023

Fine remittance Camera Surveillance - MVD

Link: Fine Remittance

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