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Bhavishya Malika" and its In-Depth Prophetic Insights on the World's Future (2022-2032)

Delving into the ancient script "Bhavishya Malika," inscribed in the archaic Odia language, attributed to Saint Achyut Ananda Das and the revered Pancha Sakha of Odisha, reveals a rich tapestry of profound predictions regarding the world's fate from 2022 to 2032. This manuscript, etched onto palm leaves, stands out among global prognostic texts for its purported precision.

What is Bhavishya Malika

Emerging in the 16th century, the Pancha Sakha — Saint Achyut Ananda Das, Saint Ananta Das, Saint Jasovanta Das, Saint Jagannath Das, and Saint Balarama Das — left an indelible mark on the spiritual literature and philosophy of the Vaishnav tradition in Orissa. The visionary Saint Achyut Ananda Das, endowed with the extraordinary ability to perceive past, present, and future events, notably composed most of the 318 books in Bhavishya Malika.

Prediction of Bhavishya Malika

The scripture intricately weaves a tapestry of predictions, offering glimpses into the concluding phase of Kalyuga, heralding Mahavinash, the onset of the Third World War, and the awaited arrival of Kalki Avatar. Within these prophetic passages are vivid signs of Kalyuga's end, spanning social unrest, religious decay, corruption, the erosion of respect for elders, cultural degradation, and the rise of immoral behaviors.

Signs of the end of Kalyuga

In Bhavishya Malika, Saint Achyut Ananda Das outlines signs signaling the end of Kalyuga, including social unrest, religious decay, and corruption. People will forsake belief in God, disrespect teachers and elders, and stray from cultural values. The era foretells an unfortunate shift towards earning through corruption, engaging in criminal activities, and embracing immoral relationships.

Symptoms of Apocalypse

Bhavishya Malika unfolds a future where farmers lose interest in cultivation, wild animals assail human settlements, and a cascade of natural disasters ensues. This includes the waning enthusiasm for farming, escalating global temperatures, cyclones instilling fear, encroachment by wildlife, desecration of Lord Jagannath, storms wreaking havoc in Odisha, the spread of incurable diseases, and a staggering loss of life.

Natural Disasters and Catastrophes (2022-2027)

The script forecasts a sequence of natural disasters between 2022 and 2027 — earthquakes, devastating floods, glacier melt contributing to rising sea levels, water scarcity, and the obliteration of cities and villages.

Initiation of the Third World War

As natural disasters intensify, the prophecy aligns with Saturn's entry into Aquarius, marking the commencement of a protracted Third World War spanning six years and six months. The grim reality of nuclear warfare unfolds, resulting in widespread casualties.

The Enigmatic Vision of Two Suns

A captivating vision within Bhavishya Malika forewarns of the celestial anomaly of two suns, with one being the actual sun and the other an unidentified celestial object. The ensuing fall of a small meteorite in the Indian Ocean Bay of Bengal during daylight triggers a colossal tsunami, causing the vanishing of six districts in Odisha.

Invasion and Transformations in India

Saturn's alignment in Pisces from 29/3/25 to 23/2/28 foretells a tumultuous period for India, marked by a world war. Thirteen Islamic countries, including China and Pakistan, launched an attack, leading to profound geopolitical shifts.

The Descent of Lord Kalki Avatar

As the enemy besieges Jagannath Puri and the war reaches its zenith, prayers for divine intervention echo. According to the prophecy, Lord Kalki, the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, materializes to counter the enemy, instigating panic. Despite being born, the whereabouts of Kalki Avatar remain shrouded in secrecy.

The Culmination with the Last Hindu Ruler

Bhavishya Malika concludes with a poignant prediction — the last king of Odisha, Gajapati Maharaj, also serving as the last king of India. This potent Hindu ruler, a Yogi Purush without progeny, signifies the culmination of an era.