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Is researcher Frank who predicted the earthquake in Turkey a time traveler?

Is researcher Frank who predicted the earthquake in Turkey a time traveler? Why is his prophecy unable to be explained by modern science? Was he helped by the demented Indian sages?

* On January 6th, a tremendous earthquake shakes Turkey. Many buildings cover the land. The death toll increased as everyone slept at night. Now forty thousand have passed.

Two days before the disaster, Frank Hubert, a researcher January 3, tweeted that there would be an earthquake in this area and its intensity would be seven and a half on the Richter scale.

The intensity was 7.8 as Frank said. The place, as he said, is on the Turkish-Syrian border. Northern Turks and Syrians are also affected.

How Frank said that either sooner or later such an earthquake would have come there. That and when modern man today predicts the weather every moment with the help of science and technology, this thing that no scientist and science and technology can do.

There are many satellites orbiting the Earth. We have sent observation objects to other places as well. They all predict the weather. But the earthquake could be predicted without any help from it.

Frank said this according to solar planet geometry. That is, according to the position of the planets around the Sun.

To tell the truth, the ancient method of astrology which is still in use by the Indians. The ancient sages of India used to predict many things by looking at the position of the planets.

It includes not only the future but also the present and the past. They used to tell the future, past, and present of a person, object, land, universe, agriculture, work, marriage, love, war, and natural calamities by looking at the position of the planets in the solar system. Yes, it was a form of time travel. The sages said that this has already been decided. How is it? Did they time travel? Don't know exactly. But the position of the planets was a means for them to tell the exact time of the universe and its behaviors unless using a clock or calendar. Remember ancient versions of the clock and calendar are also there in India. But those are only applicable for calculating and understanding smaller units of time in this universe. We are also part of this universe, that's how these planets' positions affect us.

The position of the planets determines man and his mind, nature and life, and the earth and the universe. The sages said that if you understand this, you can know what happened before, what is happening now, and what is going to happen in the future. Everything is already written the past-present-and future. But we only feel where we are at a particular moment with our limited senses.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we cannot understand or agree with this relationship between time and space but, those sages did. 

What happens when the planets change position like this?

Does planetary radiation affect the human psyche and climate here? Modern science says no. Indian astrology told by Indian sages is wrong. Frank, who predicted this earthquake in Turkey, should not be trusted.

But this entire universe is a form of radiation. We, the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, and the Milky Way will all become mere radiations in a destabilized state. Atoms in our bodies have changed from radiation to atoms to survive instability. That means everything like calcium, oxygen, and iron is in our body. Atoms join together to become stable again. That is water, protein, and fat in our bodies. All this is accepted by science. Maybe the compounds hold together to maintain their stable state of life?

In any case, the earth shakes and releases this energy to survive the unstable condition due to the pressure caused by some changes inside the earth. That is true.

Many thought that Frank Hubert made this prediction with the help of modern science. But he found this by looking at the position of the planets. Could it be the ancient astrology of Indian sages that gave him the realization that such a method is practical? Does he rely on Indian astrology?

Although we do not know much about him, but he says that the next danger is in the Indian territory. It is said that this will be an earthquake and this earthquake will occur in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

He says that it will not be as big as the earthquake in Turkey, but Frank says that what he can find now is only an approximation. He didn't get a clear idea about what is gonna happen.

For years, the people of the South Indian state of Kerala have been living with a prayer that there will not be even a small earthquake. Because above their abode there is a dam of alarming size that is in danger. It was built jointly by the British government and the King of Travancore. 126 years ago. If this dam collapses, five districts of the South Indian state of Kerala will be submerged in water. These five districts of Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Alappuzha, and Thrissur have over 8 million people.

The average age of all dams is 60 years. After that, it is usually considered expired and must be decommissioned. But here in Kerala, the people are demanding decommissioning, but politics is not agreeing to it.

The dam, which was built from 1887 to 1995, has an area of ​​624 square kilometers. The maximum water level of the dam is 155 feet. Some parts are as deep as 176 feet. Even the UN has warned that the dam is now in a critical state with so much water. Moreover, the dam is also in an extremely earthquake-prone area.

Scientific observation is that when there are more than 140 feet of water in the dam, an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 on the Richter scale lasts just one minute for the dam to collapse. According to John Penny, the engineer of the dam, the life of the dam has already expired years ago. Currently leaking. Mixtures used for construction are washed away with water.

If this dam collapses, it will be the biggest disaster the world has ever seen. The people of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are in a panic as Frank Hubert predicts the next earthquake. The people of the South Indian state of Kerala.

Will the position of the planets put these 8 million people at risk?