Kruti Dev 010

  • Category: Hindi
  • Description: Kruti Dev is a None-Unicode Hindi Devanagari typeface also known as True Type font. It is also known...

What is a web font and why do we need them?

A web font is a font that is specifically designed for use on the web. Web fonts allow websites to use custom fonts that are not installed on the user`s computer, by linking to a font file that is stored on a server. This allows web designers to use a wider range of typefaces and create more visually appealing and unique websites.

There are several different formats for web fonts, including TrueType Font (TTF), OpenType Font (OTF), and Web Open Font Format (WOFF). The most commonly used format is WOFF, which is supported by all modern browsers.

To use a web font on a website, the font file must be hosted on a server and linked to the website`s CSS file. The CSS file specifies the font family, size, style, and other formatting options for the font. Web fonts can be used for both text and graphic elements on a website.

Web fonts are a useful tool for web designers, as they allow them to use custom fonts without requiring users to install them on their computers.

Downloading a free google font or web font is now very easy and can be done through our online website. We collect all fonts and make them available for all users and designers for their personal and official works. Start downloading your favourite web font, install them with our guidelines and start creating your unique and creative websites now.


These fonts are not created by us. We gathered them through font sites and offered them free of charge to everyone else who wishes to use them. We provide them “as is” and renounce any responsibility for issues that may arise from their use. All of these fonts are free for non-commercial usage as far as we understand. Some of these are also expensive for commercial use. Try reading the license info, that has been provided with the fonts whenever possible.

You should contact the font creator personally, rather than with us should you have any questions about rights and what constitutes commercial use.

Web Font Installation Guide

You can install any web font simply by following the four steps given below. Download any free web font and try it now.

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