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Web Tecky is an online web service website that offers a variety of useful tools and features for users. One of its main features is the English to Indic typing feature, which allows users to easily type in Indian languages such as Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil using an English keyboard. This feature is handy for users who want to transliterate from English to Indic language.

Web Tecky also features a blog section where users can read and write about various topics related to science and technologies, conspiracy, and more exciting topics.

We also offer a baby name and meaning section, where users can browse a list of Indian baby names and their meanings. This feature can be helpful for parents-to-be who are looking for traditional, popular, unique, and meaningful names for their children with their gender and religion.

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Indic Typing Online

Now you can transliterate all your English text into Indic language by typing. You can start with Malayalam typing.

Case Converter Online

Changing the text case of a paragraph is very challenging. Use our case converter to reduce time and easy to use.

Indic Font Download

You can use some of the free Indic fonts to improve your work. Just download and install with 100% safe and secure.

Baby Names with Meaning

Here is the list of our unique baby names for boys and girls for you to choose your baby. You can easily select the name with their meanings.

BMI Calculator Online

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that is used to determine whether a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. Calculate your BMI now.

Currency Converter Online

We provide the exact currency value every minute for free. You can quickly check the current exchange value of your currency and digital money like Bitcoin and Ether.

English Dictionary Online

Our Online English Dictionarycan help you learn the definitions of words you don`t already know and the spelling of a word correctly.


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